Sears Fine Food

03 Jul

439 Powell St San Francisco, CA 94102, United States

Apologies for the long, long wait, dear readers – the life of a university student is long and unforgiving, and it rarely lends me enough time to write on some of my more… delicious exploits. This particular review has been fresh in my mind for a abnormally long time. Thus I have resolved to make this the last redeeming word on my visit to America. (Thank goodness.)

One of the many highlights of my trip to America was a mere half-week stay in San Francisco – a city which in my opinion was the finest of all cities I visited in my tour of America. It was here that I found another treasure trove of restaurants, most notable being Sears Fine Food.

With the facade of a posh hotel and a prime position near the heart of San Francisco, Sears is a cozy place that is frequented by locals and tourists alike. From breakfast to dinner the floor is lively, giving the atmosphere of a well-established tavern.

And yet it is not. Sears is predominately a restaurant, and they serve up a solid fare which is sure to satisfy anyone. I went there for Dutch pancakes in the morning and I have yet to taste any better – paired with a fresh virgin pina colada, it is a bracing, yet refreshing start to morning.

As with most American food establishments, the servings come large and well worth their value. Lunch is a monstrous affair, and dinner even more so. Yet I feel the brand of cuisine that they support is well-suited to their age – it has a homely, traditional feel, without any of the cheesiness that accompanies so many other “traditional” restaurants. It is such an atmosphere and quality of service and cuisine that makes Sears an unique hallmark of San Francisco for over 70 years.


  • First Impressions: 7/10
  • Atmosphere: 8/10
  • Mains: 7/10
  • Last Impressions: 9/10


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