26 Dec

723 Warrigal Road Chadstone VIC 3148 Australia

Apologies for the long delay – there has been quite a busy period lately, with all the school things that need to be done, and as of that I’ve been unable to really go out there. But enough updates, let’s get on with the review at hand.

Maguro is a tiny restaurant located on a strip of shops just down the road from the mega shopping complex that is Chadstone. The size of the interior may give the impression of the local takeaway, but I assure any readers that the fare here will more than make up any interior aesthetics shortcomings. Then again, that’s what puts the charm into these joints.

The don is what counts here – the utterly captivating soup and noodles, plus the tender texture of the meat, add up to a noodle experience like no other. To describe is to force me to jump off this plane on which I’m writing on board and get in for another bowl. No, seriously, just thinking about it is enough to make me drool in buckets.

The other dishes add some nice touches to the genre of the restaurant, but nothing really stands out as another winning dish. The wagyu beef was nicely done but in many other ways wholly unremarkable. The quality of the sushi, which I have always considered as a secondary attraction, stayed where I left it.

In all, Maguro was a relatively refreshing new entry, but also a place where I just, just held onto my will to keep writing these reviews. Which, of course, I will continue to do.

  • First Impressions: 7/10
  • Atmosphere: 7/10
  • Mains: 8/10
  • Last Impressions: 8/10


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