Koko Black

23 May

(Various locations) 167 Lygons Street, Carlton, Victoria 3053 Australia

Among the constants of my dining life there is one chocolatier cafe that has constantly delighted and satisfied me through its seasonal, hand-made chocolate and succulent ice cream martinis. Drooling yet? No? Then let me introduce you to Koko Black, one of the finest chocolatiers in Melbourne.

There are several boutiques strewn across Melbourne, most prominent of which are the Lygons Street and Royal Arcade/Bourke Street locations. But it is the Lygons Street location that I am speaking of, a fine place between a trattoria and an ice cream parlour.

Inside, the decor resembles that of a late-Victorian style, emphasising on handsome woodpanelling and dark to light brownish colours, blending in with the chocolates and items on display. The service is prompt and regular, with an excellent view into the chocolatier’s kitchen so you can see your own order being made, as well as other delicious orders being made.

In my own case I ordered a Chocolate Affogato Spoil, one of the few tasting platters Koko Black has to offer. It came in a carafe of hot chocolate as well as a glass with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in which to pourt the hot chocolate into. It was delivered to my table with a small platter consisting of a brownie and chocolates. The Affogato was a very neat affair, the heat of the hot chocolate contrasting sharply with the ice-cream, allowing it to melt in the glass over time into a creamy hot chocolate, which I drank with satisfaction, a splendid dessert to end a bitterly cold day.

Besides the excellent desserts that they serve there is also a formidable and tantalising array of chocolates in the glass-fronted display cabinets, as well as bars, pops and other assorted items, all chocolate. The selection varies season to season, as I remember from last summer when they had some of the most succulent and mouth-watering ice cream sundaes, garnished by wild chocolate lattices that melt instantly in your mouth.

Are you drooling yet? Or are you waiting for me to tell you more? In that case, I have nothing more to say to anyone curious about the wonders of Koko Black – other than to get out there and try it yourself!


  • First Impressions: 9/10
  • Atmosphere: 8/10
  • Mains: 9/10
  • Last Impressions: 9/10


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