Chef Lagenda

08 May

16 Pin Oak Crescent, Flemington VIC 3031 Australia

One of the key distinguishing features of Chef Lagenda is its close proximity of a larger and more popular Malaysian joint called Laksa King. It is often overlooked by even the locals in the hours of dinner rush, who all flock to Laksa King for their noodle fix. The popularity of Laksa King is not always a bad thing to the owners of Chef Lagenda- often Laksa King is packed to the gills with customers, and stragglers, disillusioned by the sheer size of waiting customers, will often turn next door in hopes of finding a Malaysian laksa comparable to that of Laksa King.

Inside Chef Lagenda the layout is narrow and cramped, but not so much that you notice when waiting for your meal to arrive. Decor is warm and pleasant, but the confined spaces make it so it is a bit difficult to navigate your way between tables. It is, however, of no significance to what the cuisine entails. Service is prompt and casual, not too overtly enthusiastic.

For the single dish I had for dinner I ordered an old favourite, the traditional curry laksa, chock full of fish balls and all other processed seafood delights that most Asiatic noodles seem to always have. The noodles are a mix of hokkien and rice noodles, an odd but satisfying combination. Top it off with slices of excellent boiled chicken, eggplant and bean shoots and a really wonderful curry soup and you have a noodle bowl worthy of being more than a contender for best noodles in town, perhaps giving even the bustling chaos next door a run for their money.

Throughout my reviews I have always tried to say the good things about restaurants, never the bad, for nobody likes a critic that complains too much. I always feel that even in the worst restaurants in the eyes of those master critics and whatever “ghastly” dishes they serve, there is always something to compliment about them. And if being only second-best in town is the chief reason so many will criticise a nevertheless good restaurant, I do wonder whether or not they have fully appreciated what it means to eat and compliment good food.


  • First Impressions: 6/10
  • Service: 9/10
  • Mains: 8/10
  • Last Impressions: 8/10


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